Lena Katharina Krause was born in Münster. After graduating school and discovering filming while traveling around the world, she moved to Berlin to complete the Bachelor of Arts in Film and Television with a focus on camera. During her studies, she began working as a camera assistant for various small and large productions for feature films, commercials and series, as well as working in the camera rental Cinegate Berlin. This was followed by the general master’s degree in film at the FH Dortmund. To devote herself more intensively to her own Cinematography, she decided to study at the Hamburg Media School and successfully completed the Master of Arts Degree with the Film „I AM“. She is a lecturer for visual language at the design factory in Hamburg.

Lena is fascinated by stories that create a particularly intense mood and transport the soul of the characters to the surface.She always focuses on a visually compelling style, which is always deeply connected to the story and never superfluous.